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Scared To Go Completely Bare? It’s Not As Bad As You Think...

A quality wax is just as important as the person applying it. Brazilian Blue by Hairaway is known in Europe as film wax, this hard wax stays pliable and works best with brazilian waxing. This wax is applied without strips, dries and is removed. It saves the skin, it saves time. 

A strip wax should be fast, effective, thorough, and consistent. Green Pine Resine Wax by Hairaway is the best for body waxing on just about every area of the body. It's a strong wax which gets the bulb of the hair upon removal while pine turbins desensitize the skin reducing redness and discomfort.

Packages never expire. If you're interested in 6 months or a year unlimited for a better rate per service please inquire when booking your appointment.

Brazilian Wax Female $65

All hair is removed from the pubic area, inner & outer labia, perineum, and anus.

Brazilian Wax  Male $75

All hair is removed from the pubic area, shaft and base of penis, scrotum and anus.

Eyebrow & Shaping            $25
Lip $12
Chin $12
Nostrils $15
Ear $20
Half Arms $32
Full Arms $52
Shoulders $20
Underarms $25
Hands & Fingers $15
Feet & Toes $15
Bikini Line $40
Brazilian Female & Full Leg $140
Brazilian & Upper Leg $110
Brazilian & Lower Leg $105
Upper Leg $50
Lower Leg $40
Anus & Scrotum $65
Back, Shoulders & Neck $60
Back Half $40
Chest & Stomach $60
Full Body Wax
$250 - 350


For info on Male Brazilian Waxing visit   HERE

General Questions on Brazilian Waxing

How often should you get a Brazilian wax? The average is every 3-4 weeks.  The minimum length for the hair to be waxed is 1/4 inch.

Does it hurt?
For some, it can be very uncomfortable but the majority are pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that painful. If you're a female close to your monthly flow it can be bit more sensitive.

How long does it take?
It’s a 30 minute service.

Is five weeks too long between Brazilian waxing?
For some it's better. Typically, the bulb of coarser hair removes easier with length. The average is 3-4 weeks between waxing services.

Is the Bikini wax the same as the Brazilian?
No it's not the same. The bikini wax is the natural hairline your swimsuit follows - upper thighs, pubic and anal area.  The Brazilian wax is hair removed completely from the pubic area, inner outer labia, or scrotum, penis, perineum and anus but you can ask for a strip or triangle if you’d like.

Is a Brazilian wax worth it?
If you’re a first timer, you'll love it! No stubble, no ingrown hair, no itching, no skin irritation, no scars, next to laser hair removal it's the longest lasting and least expensive.

What's the cost?
In Las Vegas, Nevada the average is $65 for females.  Males can average up to $95.

Which wax style is the best? Brazilian, Bikini or take it all off?
It's a preference. Male/Female Brazilians are the most popular service at NAKED and most remove all of it. Very few leave a strip or triangle.

What other benefits to Brazilian waxing?
Better hygiene, smoother feel, increased sensitivity during sex and the added optical inch that’s gained for men. The benefits for both sexes are equally desirable.

Can you get an infection from Brazilian waxing?
Yes, if done incorrectly.  Tears can cause infection and if the Aesthetician re-uses her sticks over again. (double dipping) that can also cause problems. Never be afraid to ask questions about your service.

What kind of wax is best for Brazilian Waxing?  Strip or Hard Wax?
Both. Strip wax is better for the pubic area.  Hard wax is the best in the inner outer labia, scrotum, and anal area.  It's easier on the skin and saves time.


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